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Whether your goal is writing a college admissions essay, publishing an op-ed piece, or drafting a full-length manuscript for a book, I will help you every step of the way– from brainstorming ideas, to creating an outline and rough draft, to editing the final document. My goal is to help writers think critically and express their ideas clearly and confidently through their writing. My clients include students, authors, and businesses/nonprofits.


Unfortunately, students today need more help with their writing skills than their schools can provide.  In a national survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 91% of employers stated that their hiring process placed the greatest priority on a demonstrated proficiency in skills and knowledge that cut across majors.  Of 17 outcome areas tested, written and oral communication, critical thinking, and teamwork skills were most highly valued.

As a writing coach, I help bridge the gap between classroom instruction and the personalized attention students need to develop those all important skills. I work with students 1:1 to provide individualized coaching and differentiated attention, benefits that most schools are not able to offer.  I aim to create a positive, non-judgmental and confidential space in which students feel safe to express themselves and become active learners, rather than passive recipients of information.

My approach as a coach is not to “correct,” but to listen and help the student figure out his or her response to the writing assignment, and to draft an essay or paper in his or her own words. By asking the right questions, I help students find their own answers.


One of the best things an author can do is work with a writing coach or developmental editor to ensure the book’s content is as solid and marketable as possible. I work with authors to create a compelling book (and book proposal for nonfiction works) that appeals to the target audience. Like a good editor or writing coach, I allow the author’s voice to shine through and ensure that my work is invisible in the end product.


As a professional business writer, I help companies with blogging, SEO content creation, copywriting, eBooks, content marketing and product descriptions. I work with teams to develop content that’s engaging and on point— in plain English. My clients include Johnson & Johnson, the Maybach Foundation, and UPS.

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