Tired All the Time? It May Be What You’re Eating

“You’re just a busy mom,” the doctor told me after reading aloud my test results that showed no signs of any medical condition that would account for my chronic fatigue: no anemia, no hyperthyroidism, no urinary tract infection or heart issues–all possible causes of extreme exhaustion.

“Try to give yourself a break,” he recommended. “Take time to exercise every day, and make sure you get enough sleep.”

But I did exercise, and I was getting enough sleep.

It wasn’t until I went to see a nutritionist, on the advice of a friend, that I got the wake up call that I needed. The nutritionist had me keep a food diary for a week, where I wrote down everything that I ate and drank each day. The results were eye-opening.

My breakfast consisted of a double soy mocha (I am lactose intolerant), followed by a muffin or piece of fruit at mid-morning. My lunch was a sandwich on a baguette with tuna salad or turkey. My dinner consisted of 2 glasses of wine, lots of pasta (I was always starving by dinner time), bread with butter, and some type of meat or fish. I’d make a green salad but wouldn’t eat much of it. After dinner I craved something sweet- soy ice cream and a handful of M&Ms usually did the trick.

“Of course you feel dull and drowsy most of the day,” my nutritionist told me. “You are living on carbs, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.”

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