Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood

TornReal Mothers. Real Careers. Real Conflict.
Trying to strike the right balance between career and motherhood is one of the most stressful, heart-wrenching issues facing women today. In TORN, forty-six women examine the conflict between the need to nurture and the need to work, and reveal creative solutions for having the best of both worlds. The stories in the collection offer hope and inspiration, but they also reveal the messy realities of modern motherhood and life’s inevitable crises, both small and large: from breast pump mishaps to battles with cancer; diaper blowouts to debilitating depression; competitive cupcake baking to coming home from war. In the end, the reader can take comfort in the knowledge that there is no perfect mother; nor is there a perfect balance when it comes to kids and career. The real challenge facing women today is not juggling their many roles, but realigning their expectations of what is possible and accepting that success does not equal “doing it all.”

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Geek Girl Rising: Unleashing the Power of Women in Tech

Geek Girl Rising book

Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech (St. Martin’s Press, May 2017) introduces readers to the new generation of women disrupting “business as usual” in the male-dominated startup world. Not content to let the digital revolution pass them by, these women are going of it: building tech start-ups, investing in each other’s ventures, crushing male hacker stereotypes, creating networks of support and rallyingtheir younger sisters. Arianna Huffington calls Geek Girl Rising “the roadmap for the next generation of women not just to get involved in the tech world, but to lead their own tech startups. It’s the rallying cry we need for a diverse, connected, and sustainable world.”

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